Astro: how to get an invitation to test the Amazon robot

Astro became one of the great novelties left by Amazon’s September 2021 event. But is it possible to get it and have one in your home? Yes, as long as you know how to get an invite to try the Astro home robot from Amazon.

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Astro –which is part of the Day 1 Editions products, as Amazon calls its innovative products– is a robot that weighs 9.3 kilos and has the dimensions of a small dog: 42.4 centimeters long, 25 wide and 44 high.

The device is equipped with a 10.1-inch touch screen and with two cameras. It is compatible with the Alexa assistant and uses Intelligent Motion navigation technology, which allows you to move around the house intuitively.

With a subscription to Ring Protect Pro, Astro can monitor your home remotely or accompany people who need assistance. In fact, it is equipped with a holder to carry a cup or carry other items, such as containers or a blood pressure monitor.

And if you are concerned about privacy, according to Amazon, it is possible to turn off microphones, cameras and motion with the push of a button and set the limits within which Astro can move.

How to get an invitation for Astro from Amazon

If you want to be one of the first to try Astro, you need to get an invite from the Jeff Bezos company. Amazon explained that during “this limited release period, we are looking for customers who can help shape the experience and provide feedback on available features.”

One of the main requirements is to have a physical address in the United States. “Astro will only ship within the 50 United States,” the company explains.

If you meet that requirement and you have the $ 999 that the product costs, visit the product page and complete a short survey in which you must detail the characteristics of the space in which you hope to use it and why you are interested in participating in the limited release period.

“Astro is designed to be magical, but it is not always perfect. Completing the survey below will help identify whether Astro is compatible with your home, ”the company says.

Request a trial for Astro

For example, Amazon will ask you if you have a frameless glass wall or window that extends to the floor or a glass coffee table in your home, as Astro will need a special setup under those conditions.

On the other hand, if there are stairs or even steep slopes in the space where you want to test the robot or even stairs, it is likely that you will not be eligible to receive an invitation in this first stage, since these conditions “are not compatible with Astro in right now, but we are working on it ”.

You should also explain the reasons why you are interested in trying Astro, for example, if you are interested in home monitoring functions, if the idea of ​​having a domestic robot seems attractive to you or if you intend to use it to accompany an older adult, among Other options.

That is all. Once you complete the form, you should wait for an email notification to arrive. According to Amazon, invitations will be issued continuously, although not all requests will likely be answered.

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