Teachers’ Association requests removal of Piñera during strike due to veto of teaching tenure

Cristóbal Escobar | UNO Agency


The Teachers College demanded the removal of the President Sebastián Piñera, during a mobilization held this Wednesday. The guild conducted a unemployment in rejection of veto of the Government to the project of teaching tenure.

The College of Teachers held marches in the main cities of the country, in the midst of the national strike called in rejection of the veto that the Government presented to part of the project that grants ownership to contract teachers, among other benefits.

The veto was rejected by the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, so now it will be the turn of the Chamber, where two-thirds of the votes are required for its approval.

In the Metropolitan region, the demonstration took place from Plaza Baquedano to the Alameda sector with Echaurren, where a stage was installed, an activity that took place without incident.

On the occasion, the president of the Magisterium, Carlos Díaz, requested the dismissal of President Sebastián Piñera, regarding the revelations of the Pandora Papers and his questioned business with the Dominga mining company.

Likewise, Díaz pointed out that they will remain vigilant and mobilized while waiting for what happens with the veto in Congress, so that the law on teaching ownership is finally approved as the parliamentarians had approved.

According to the organizers themselves, the march in Santiago exceeded 50,000 people, in the first mobilization organized by the teachers’ union after the start of the pandemic.

In this sense, they indicated that the strike had an adhesion of more than 90%, indicating that they will continue to be attentive to how the demonstrations they have called will evolve, calling for next Monday to participate in the call to mobilize for October 18.

But in addition, from the Metropolitan Teachers College, they indicated that if there are no news regarding the enactment of the teacher ownership project and the presidential veto is approved, they do not rule out holding an indefinite national strike.

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