Tássia Reis releases album ‘Próspera D+’; listen now

Tássia Reis returns with everything in a new album

Tassia Reis has just released her long-awaited fourth studio album, “Próspera D+”, in a deluxe format that expands and continues the universe created by the artist in 2019. The work features the voices of Tulipa Ruiz, Urias, Preta Ary, Monna Brutal and Melvin Santhana. In musical productions, another important team formed by EVEHIVE, Th4i, Theo Zagrae, Jules Hiero, Eduardo Brechó, Jhow Produces and Nelson D.

With 11 tracks, alternating between trap, drill, vogue beat, house, disco, rock, samba and soul “Próspera D+” marks the dive that the artist makes in the pop scene and comes with a dedicated energy, of renewal, working as a soundtrack of an uprising that can be emotional or even financial. The message is about getting back on your feet and staying strong.

““Due to the pandemic, the Prospera Tour had to be interrupted after traveling some Brazilian countries and states, but we were just beginning this movement. It was a shock to think that it was over there and we would have to move on. However, I was surprised by my fans’ request: they wanted that work to have a sequel and I was happy to know that, especially since we live in a very immediate world. That’s when I decided to release new versions of some sounds, join with unreleased and other tracks from Prospera that I couldn’t work as I’d like”, he said. tassia, which completed.

“The result is this album that comes with a force, an impulse to make us get out of bed, take off our pajamas, push the couch away and dance. Because despite all the difficult times we’ve been through these past few times, we survived. Life is precious, we need to celebrate it, we need to kiss more, dance more, rest more, love each other more, the world is already so difficult… I want to have reasons to dream again and I think this debut is a beginning of that for me ”, he concluded.

Listen to the album now:

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