Tartagal: He is from an original community, he had triplets and needs help

This morning, triplets surprised a mother at the Tartagal Hospital. The woman attended the delivery expecting only two to be born and needs the help of the Salta people.

María Torres, from Santa Victoria, was interviewed by the media VideoTarNews. During the dialogue she commented that she is in the care of 38-year-old Olga Jara, who is the mother of the three boys born today.

Women live in a community called “New Post.” The place where Olga is waiting for her other six children is located at a distance of between three and four kilometers from Santa Victoria.

Due to the scarce resources they have, they ask the community for help: “More than anything the milk, the diaper and when they go out they will need strollers”Torres said.

People interested in helping can go to the hospital or contact the number 3873550506, which belongs to another woman who decided to help the family.

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