Tabárez, after the defeat against Argentina: “We have to close the sphincters”

Oscar Washington Tabárez, historical coach of the Uruguayan national team, quoted a striking phrase related to the “sphincters” after his team’s defeat against Argentina 3-0 in the South American Qualifiers for Qatar 2022.

“As some coach once said, you have to close your sphincters, everyone, and the main one is your mouth,” said the “Teacher” in the press conference he gave at the Monumental stadium after the match pending date 5.

“The only thing that can vindicate us is the results and that is what we are going to dedicate to from tomorrow,” added the experienced “Celeste” coach, obfuscated by the tough defeat.

In the analysis of the game, Tabárez rescued “the first minutes” of his team but later accepted that Argentina “dominated the game” led by Lionel Messi.

“Argentina dominated the game and also has Messi, a leading Messi at the moment and that makes itself felt on the field,” said the DT.

“This group knows that in difficult moments is when the best face should be put on. It hurts us all, you compete to try to win, when you are outmatched, you have to have the humility to recognize it and also the rebellion in the next matches, ”Tabárez closed.

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