T-Mobile tools for fighting call-scams

For fighting robocalls and scams T-Mobile taught its tools to help customers block unwanted calls.

There are scammers who are using robocalls to take benefits from American wireless customers. T-Mobile says that it’s being more aggressive in fighting these scammers. Via webcast Thursday, the company made the issue the latest Un-carrier marketing event subject.

Since T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint, It’s the first Un-carrier announcement after it was finalized in April. T-Mobile is a bundling set of new and old tools that will help in keeping customers’ personal information safe. It will also help subscribers across its brands such as T Metro, T Mobile, and T Sprint that block calls from scammers and uses a better screen. These features will be offering customers free.

The webcast hosted by Black-ish fame, Anthony Anderson and Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO where the company took the wraps off the initiative that further called Scam Shield. That is an expansion of 22% over the earlier year.

Now, the situation has become worse due to coronavirus pandemic, as scammers seize an opportunity to go after individuals’ fears about finances and health. T-Mobile said that from May to June, COVID-19-related scams expanded 70% that make Americans cost more than $80 million. Sievert stated that he is hoping that T-Mobile’s effort will make its tools more broadly accessible at no extra cost, whether or not clients are on prepaid plans or postpaid plans, will lead his rivals to do likewise. He said, “We need the rest of the industry to follow suit because this is literally the No. 1 issue in our industry; the No. 1 complaint to the FCC.”

To smartphone consumers, Verizon offers a free Call Filter application where the company stated that it has helped Verizon customers keep away from about six billion robocalls and spam calls since App lunch last year. T-Mobile’s Spam Shield declaration today makes a large number of its recently offered call ID and blocking innovation accessible to all of its customers for free. Still, for premium service, it will cost clients an extra $4 every month per line.

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