Surprise Wanda Nara: “What does Mauro want from me now …”

Icardi homemade peace. The crisis between Maurito and Wanda Nara it is just a memory and the couple, today, even thinks of expanding the family with another child. The third after Francesca and Isabella. The Argentine entrepreneur revealed it on Instagram, answering questions from her followers.

After the exclusive interview with the television station Telefe, Wanda Nelle had no longer talked about her private life in public. In the past few hours, however, the entrepreneur has decided to break the silence and has allowed herself to her Instagram followers, answering their curiosities and even the most uncomfortable questions. As the alleged quarrel between Mauro Icardi and the eldest son, Valentino, born from the marriage with Maxi Lopez. “If I were to clarify every time a lifetime would go by, I think things are more than obvious“, argued Argentina denying the rumors.

Wanda Nara, however, used less soft tones to answer the question about the dignity and respect that Icardi denied her with the story of the betrayal with Eugenia “China” Suarez: “The dignity it is not given to me by a man. I give it to myself because the whole world knows me and knows the great woman I am and how I am. As for my husband, that’s what I’ve always wanted: someone to tell me things to my face that no one would ever tell me or that others would deny to death. I am no one to condemn anyone. I’ve always told him everything and he respects me too“A reply that would leave no doubts on the definitive overcoming of the couple crisis.

The real surprise came, however, at the end of the parenthesis dedicated to the curiosities of the fans. When a user asked her about her future plans with Mauro, Wanda Nara revealed: “At the beginning of last year we had a lot of things planned. But on January 1st Mauro surprised me with a special request, we’ll see … I would like a boy, Mauro another girl“Today Nara is focused on launching its new swimwear line, but has hinted that it is open to the possibility of a new one. pregnancy, the third after the two girls from the current marriage. A way to permanently cancel the betrayal that took place a few months ago.

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