Suge Knight helped 6ix9ine in the rapper’s fight with Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has fought with Tekashi 6ix9ine in the past, and Wack and Akademiks reveal that they saw proof that Suge Knighto was involved.

There was a time when the music industry, especially the Hip Hop industry, was intimidated by Suge Knight. There are dozens of stories from celebrities and rappers talking about their relationship with the imposing icon of the Death Row Records, and for many who say he took control of the genre in his reign, there are those who feared Knight’s presence.

Wack 100 and Suge Knight were once friends, but if you ask Wack about their relationship now, he’ll say he has no respect for the imprisoned music executive. “The streets have never replaced the entertainment business,” Wack told DJ Akademiks on Off The Record Podcast. “Those who tried to replace him, all fell.”

“The first guy who tried this was Suge Knight.” Akademiks interjected that Suge was using bullying tactics, but Wack disagreed, stating that some of Suge’s methods were not actually bullying behavior. Then Wack 100 went on to talk about “gangster shit,” including men who allegedly broke into Dr. Dre’s house and stole everything from the now billionaire producer.

Wack admired how Dre managed to rebuild himself in the industry while Suge was in prison. He also denied that he is trying to act like Knight, insisting that Suge is the model of what not to be done.

In an explosive revelation, Wack also told Akademiks to tell the truth about who was sending Tekashi 6ix9ine information about Snoop Dogg. The two rappers engaged in a heated exchange of back and forth, and Wack asked Akademiks who was feeding 6ix9ine details about the Long Beach icon.

“Suge Knight,” said Akademiks. Wack added that the two saw the evidence. “But then [ele] on the phone with Snoop… Snoop has a big heart. If I were him, I would never have taken that path,” Wack said of Snoop making peace with Suge. “He’s the real West Coast boss.”

Watch the clip from the interview below.

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