Striped clothes, how to dress them to look slimmer

Striped clothes, how to dress them to look slimmer | Pexels Special

One of the main women’s concerns it is failing ourselves by making the wrong choices when it comes to dressing. The striped garments They are the ones that scare us the most because they usually have some very peculiar visual effects that can favor us, but that can also play against us.

It is said that horizontal striped clothing makes us look wider, so it is recommended that this be worn by girls with stylized figures and who precisely want their body to be seen with more volume. While if what we want is the opposite effect, to look thinner, the vertical stripes They are the ones we should put on.

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Short dress

a short dress with long sleeves It turns out to be excellent when it comes to making us see the most stylized women, in addition to allowing us to show a little leg. If the chosen garment is something loose, something that will favor is the use of a belt to mark the female silhouette.

Black and white palazzo pants

A design that is elegant in addition to being flattering is that of the black prints with white stripes or vice versa, a white background with black lines. In palazzo pants these combinations go very well and can be worn with a white blouse or shirt, to accentuate the waist with a thick belt.

Stripes with white t-shirt

With a striped high-rise trousers and a white top or t-shirt, we can show off an infinite and stylized silhouette. This outfit can be worn with high heels to further enhance the visual effect it has to offer.

Complete enterizo or in shorts

The enterizos, jumpers o jumpsuits de rayas They can also be very flattering when we want to look thinner with the help of our clothes. You should prefer those that are adjusted to the waist, or complete them with a belt. The necklines in this type of garment are also a plus for this visual effect that we want to achieve.

Long dress

We already talked about short garments, but none like long dresses to give us a more stylized image, especially if they have a striped pattern. To maximize this visual effect, they should be combined with white heels, the simplest, most comfortable and beautiful they are, or with sandals.

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Striped set

Another safe bet to see each other more stylized with the help of clothing, is to acquire a set with a striped design. This type of outfit, in addition to being comfortable, is very easy to use because we do not need to break our heads when combining. Remember that black is also our ally when we want to refine the figure.

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