STEP 2021: one by one the records open this Sunday to withdraw DNI


The Civil Registry office in the Municipality of Mendoza will also attend STEP 2021.

From the Directorate of the Civil Registry they realized that in the offices of Potrerillos the hours of attention will be from 8 to 16; in El Carrizal, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and in Vista Flores in Tunuyán, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The tasks that they will develop

-Delivery of DNI to citizens who have not withdrawn them to date and are in those offices. It should be clarified that they visited the home twice to deliver those documents and, when they did not find the person to deliver it, they stayed in the office where the procedure originated.

-Preparation of voting certificates, such as not having the document, for being more than 500 km away from the polling place, due to loss or misplacement of the document.

People from Mendoza who need to withdraw their ID or carry out the loss, non-reception and distance certificates can contact the phones: 0261- 4492191/2184 or WhatsApp 261-5974776 (only texts).

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Offices with attention to the citizens


  • B ° La Favorita Access 2 s / n, Los Junquillos and Libertador, B ° La Favorita
  • Of. Concentrator (Government House) Peltier 351, Central Body, PB, Capital, Mendoza
  • Of. Municipality of Capital 9 de Julio 500, PB


  • Of. Las Heras in San Miguel 1482
  • Of. El Challao in Boulogne Sur Mer and Fontanarrosa, Bº Infanta
  • Of. Algarrobal in Paraguay and Paso Hondo s / n
  • Of. Draghi Lucero in Lisandro Moyano 864 corner of Congreso
  • Of. Ujemvi in ​​Democracia and Los Ceibos
  • Of. Uspallata on Route 7 Km 1147, Lot 4, M2-31


  • Of. New Villa in Victoria and Pedro del Castillo 855, New Villa
  • Of. Los Corralitos in Severo del Castillo 4810
  • Of. El Bermejo in Avellaneda and Vieytes 4545
  • Of. San José Fco. De la Reta y Viamonte, San José
  • Of. Rodeo de la Cruz Flag of the Andes 8956, Rodeo de la Cruz
  • Of. Dorrego Alto Dorrego Mall, West Side South Access, Dorrego


  • Of. Tupungato Santiago de Liniers 290


  • Of. Chilecito San Martín s / n, Chilecito
  • Of. San Carlos San Martin 11, San Carlos
  • Of. The Civic Center Consultation, P. Baja. Ex. From the Andes and July 9, La Consulta


  • Of. Vista Flores San Martín 1120, Local 3, Vista Flores
  • Of. Tunuyán San Martín 1900, Civic Center


  • Of. Lavalle Uruguay 139, Villa Tulumaya
  • Of. Costa de Araujo Moreno y Medina s / n, Costa de Araujo
  • Of. Gustavo André Cordera and Moyano, Gustavo André
  • Of. May 3 Lane 3 de Mayo S / N, May 3


  • Of. San Martin Pueyrredón 58
  • Of. San Pedro Community Center, B° San Pedro
  • Of. Palmira 25 de Mayo y Colón s / n, Civic Center, Palmira
  • Of. Tres Porteñas Bayo s / n, Tres Porteñas


  • Of. Rivadavia San Isidro 481


  • Of. Junin San Martin 71
  • Of. The Colonia Entre Ríos s / n. Route 98 KM 8, La Colonia
  • Of. Ingeniero GiagnoniLucero s / n, Ingeniero Giagnoni
  • Of. Medrano Colón and Luis Correa s / n, Medrano


  • Of. Santa Rosa Av. San Martin 301, Santa Rosa
  • Of. The Sleep Remo Falcione, The Sleep


  • Of. La Paz Belgrano s / n – Civic Center


  • Of. Chacras de Coria Italia 5610, Chacras de Coria
  • Of. Carrodilla Manuel A. Sáenz 8253, Carrodilla
  • Of. Potrerillos B ° Cívico s / n, Potrerillos
  • Of. El Carrizal National Route 16 s / n. Estafeta Ugarteche
  • Of. Luján de Cuyo San Martín 110


  • Of. Maipú Father Vázquez 110
  • Of. Gutiérrez Vicente López and Planes 135, Gutiérrez
  • Of. Luzuriaga Piedra Buena and Olascoaga. B ° Antarctica Argentina, Luzuriaga
  • Of. Beltrán Alberdi 569, Fray Luis Beltrán
  • Of. Rodeo del Medio Route 50 No. 4800, Rodeo del Medio


  • Of. Covimet Los Penitentes and Cerro 7 Colores, B ° Covimet
  • Of. Hyper Liberty Joaquín V. González 450


  • Of. San Rafael Mitre 11
  • Of. National Table Santa María de Oro y Lavalle s / n, National Table
  • Of. Captain Montoya National Route 143, Las Paredes
  • Of. Salto de las Rosas Alberdi s / n, Salto de las Rosas
  • Of. Villa Atuel Sarmiento 265, Villa Atuel
  • Of. Branch Fallen Army of the Andes 2000, Branch Fallen
  • Of. Monte Comán Av. Italia 152, Monte Comán
  • Of. Real del Padre Misiones esq. Santiago del Estero, Real del Padre


  • Of. San Pedro del Atuel San Martín and Emilio Perusset
  • Of. CDR General Alvear Alvear Oeste 540
  • Of. Alvear Oeste Constitución and Laprida, Alvear Oeste


  • Of. CDR Malargüe San Martín 258 Of. Hidden Water Hidden Water

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