STEP 2021: how would the Legislature look if the same results were repeated in November

But this is not all: With the panorama as it occurred during the PASO, the ruling party would obtain a majority and its own quorum, and would only need to agree with the PJ as a way to reconcile positions, but technically, it would not need their votes, except for issues such as indebtedness, for which two thirds are needed: 32 votes in Deputies and 25 in the Senate.

A polarized landscape

Although in the last electoral processes the ruling front has been adding seats, this Sunday they had one of the most convenient results from the parliamentary point of view that is known in democratic times.

This happens because, in addition to the great advantage that it takes from the provincial opposition, in Mendoza none of the proposals that were positioned as alternatives to the large fronts convinced: the blank vote was in third place, with 9.5% of the votes, and the sum of the small parties was 21.6%. In other words, 31% of the people of Mendoza did not want to lean towards either of the two most popular coalitions.

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The PASO 2021 create a precedent that could be historical if it were repeated in the generals of November

Photo: Fernando Martinez / Diario UNO

Thus, if this trend is not reversed, no small party would get its genuine votes to even obtain a legislative seat.

For this, the The Left Front would be left without parliamentary representation and the Green Party, that he is who tried to keep the votes that Protectora obtained in 2017, he would not be able to make a place for himself.

How would the cameras look

Currently, the Senate is made up of 21 seats belonging to Cambia Mendoza, 13 seats from the Frente de Todos, 1 bench from Protectora, 1 from Citizens for Mendoza, 1 from the intransigent Party, 1 from MasFe and 1 from the FIT.

If the STEP numbers repeat in November, the new Senate would be made up of 24 legislators from the FCM and 14 from the FDT.

Meanwhile, Deputies currently have 26 legislators from the Frente Cambia Mendoza, 17 from the Frente de Todos, a deputy from the PD, a deputy from the FIT, a protective bench, one from the Intransigent Party and finally one from Citizens for Mendoza. On the other hand, if the results of this Sunday are repeated, the new Lower House would be made up of 28 seats from the FCM, 19 from the FDT and 1 from the Democratic Party.

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