STEP 2021: How much do you have to pay if you did not vote and how to do it?

This Sunday the elections STEP 2021 Throughout the national territory. However, a part of the electorate did not show up to vote. It is because of that If you are over 18 and under 70 years of age, and you cannot justify your absence in these legislative elections, you will be entitled to a financial fine and you will be incorporated into the Register of Offenders.

Those people who did not fulfill their civic duty must justify before the National Electoral Justice. In this context of a pandemic of coronavirus, new regulations were added by which citizens were exempted from attending the colleges to cast their vote.

Some of them were: be a positive case of covid-19, be in close contact with a person who contracted the virus or have symptoms compatible with the disease.

In that sense, those who did not vote for any of these reasons They can be presented at the National Electoral Chamber with the DNI and the voucher or certificate. At that time you will be given a “Proof of non-casting of vote”, something that serves, above all, not to integrate the Registration of Offenders and avoid the fine.

In addition, for this Sunday the authorities took different measures to prevent crowds from generating in polling places and recommendations were disseminated such as always respecting social distancing and avoiding using the language to close the envelope.

How much is and how to pay the fine for not voting in the elections STEP

The obligation to pay in Argentina is in force in the National Constitution. If you do not cast your vote, you have 60 days after the election to present your justification. In the case of not presenting proof of why you did not participate in the elections, you will receive a monetary penalty.

To regularize this situation, You must pay the fine ranging from 50 to 500 pesos, provided for in Art. 125 of the National Electoral Code and Agreed 13/2013 of the National Electoral Chamber. In addition, it will be included in the Offenders Registry.

To pay the fine, you must enter There you must enter your personal data and a validation code. Then you will have to press “FINE PAYMENT TICKET GENERATION” to be referred to a menu of possible means of payment.

In this case, when you click on “Other means of payment”. a ballot must be generated. After completing this step, you will need to complete personal data. And finally, it must select the corresponding debit or credit card. It can even be done through Easy Payment; Rapipago or Express Collection.

For its part, If you choose the Banco Nación option, to go to a branch that is more convenient for you with the printed ballot and pay in that place, presenting yourself at the corresponding windows. Once the payment has been made, no other steps should be taken since the Banco Nación communicates the process to the National Electoral Justice.

This novelty may take approximately 48 hours to be reflected in the Offender Registry Consultation System.

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