Starlight Blue & Nova Pink available now

the Playstation 5-Console and related DualSense Wireless controllers take on new colors. So you can not only yours PS5 in a new colorful burst let it shine, you can also buy your DualSense in new colors and even match the console.

DualSense: where can I buy the new colors?

The post is continuously updated. So feel free to come back later when more stores have been added.

When will the new colors appear? You can use the new controllers in Starry blue and new rose because January 14, 2022 order from various retailers.

Starry blue

You can purchase Starlight Blue color from the following retailers:


new rose

You can purchase the color Nova Pink at the following retailers:

DualSense - Colors January 2022

Galactic violet

You can purchase the color Galactic Purple from the following retailers:

  • Galactic Purple is currently unavailable. Check back later when the preview has been updated!
DualSense - Colors January 2022

In addition to this, there are now those new colors la Playstation 5. Sony Interactive Entertainment a le colorful PS5 case announcement. Here’s what they look like, what colors they come in, and what else you need to know:

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