Sportsmen turn green in the classic: he triumphed against Atalaya and commands in the Sixth

The Verde was solid on both sides. Photo Nicolás Alesso.

To win a classic again, to be at the top of an area that is exciting, to know that the road to Federal will soon begin. There are too many strong emotions for the Sportsmen kids in just a handful of days and that is why the closing of the duel against Atalaya found them celebrating loudly and with a special dedication. At least until Cristian Le Bihan put the brakes on him in the best style of a high school tutor.

But even if he didn’t show it, Le Bihan was also celebrating to himself. It is that from that victory by 22 points of Atalaya in the first round to this one of Sportsmen 78 to 62, the image of Green changed completely. Those boys were partners in the duel against Suárez, Villa and company, but now they were the protagonists and owners of the quintessential neighborhood duel of the modern era of Rosario basketball. The evolution is noticeable, the style is more ingrained, perhaps not even so frantic, and there is sobriety in the closing of the game. For a team full of youngsters, it’s a lot.

The outside goal was decisive for Verde, in the first half with Dalpino and Guido Rodríguez, and in the second with Cingolani, while the defense over Tarragó left Lautaro Suárez very obliged to take center stage in scoring.

In an even first half, it was Sportsmen who finished imposing conditions and translated that incipient dominance into a clear superiority already in the second half. Atalaya was left without a goal, crashed under the basket and began to twist into the emotional sway of any adverse failure (sometimes justified, sometimes not). And when Suárez couldn’t continue, Azul almost didn’t either.

El Verde opened it with inspired Cingolani and Rodríguez’s multifaceted contribution, and he knew how to control it. He even looked askance at those 22 of the first wheel to try to reverse the disadvantage, but in that he fell short.

The dominance of the Junco era had extended to that of Malajovich. But on Friday night, the Le Bihan kids said enough. And Sportsmen turned green in the classic.


SPORTSMEN 78: Velardo 5, Tripell 4, Cingolani 22, Rodríguez 21, Boixader 7 (fi), Dalpino 14, Zapata 0, Mécoli 2, Cota, Allende 3, Nechi. DT: Cristian Le Bihan.

ATALAYA 62: Lautaro Suárez 13, Tarragó 7, Orellano 8, López 8, Yanson 11 (fi), Alejo Suárez 5, Maruelli 5, Castaño 0, Borches 5, Sosa, Ceñera, Casas. DT: Andrés Malajovich Farruggia.

ESTADIO: Alfredo Figna

REFEREES: Pérez and Cascardo

PARTIAL: 22/19, 46/37 and 62/48

Super League, first A, Promotion tournament

In the remaining Super League match, Talleres de Arroyo Seco beat Cyclone 71-50.

While in First A, Calzada beat Alumni de Casilda by 65 to 56.

For its part, in the Ascent Tournament, Tiro Suizo defeated Independiente 64 to 45, Atlantic defeated Maciel 95 to 60 as a visitor and Newell’s to Central U22 by 73 to 56.

Photo: Rodrigo Rincón

95th Anniversary Cup of the Rosarina Association

Sportivo Federal defeated Echesortu B by 60-57 at Fisherton for the first round of the Cup and advanced to the next stage of the tournament, in which they will have to face Echesortu, who enters this second stage.

On the 13th, Talleres de Arroyo Seco will collide with Unión de Arroyo Seco in Saladillo, Central-Maciel in Federal and the 16th Cyclone in front of Puerto San Martín in Náutico.

The panorama already has in the next stage Red Star (it will collide with Unión and Progreso), Paganini Alumni (if America does not appear, it will be Calzada’s rival), Libertad (expected rival) and Ricardone’s Independiente (will collide with Atalaya).

University also passed, which will be measured with Temperley; while Newell’s will play Sportsmen and the winner will face Caova.

Atlantic Sportsmen will rival Timbúes in the next round, San Telmo de Funes will collide with Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda and Atlético Fisherton will face Gimnasia.

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