“Years ago I wanted to quit, then PSG arrived. I hate politically correct”

Gianluigi Buffongoalkeeper of the Parma, seems to be unwilling to quit. In a long interview with France Football the famous extreme defender tells himself up to reveal a background on his career. Here is what emerged.

On the withdrawal: “The fear of neglecting my family to play has always been my first doubt. In 2018 I decided to quit, then PSG called me. I talked about it with my children who, without thinking, immediately told me to accept a top club . It made me understand that it is important for them to have me as a point of reference and they are happy to have such a father “reports Calciomercato.com.

Gianluigi Buffon

On the Psg: “My experience in Paris was very beautiful, I felt esteem and affection at times even undeserved, especially on the street. It was moving, I felt almost uncomfortable. If I had listened to the others, I would have given up five championships, two Champions League finals, two titles of best goalkeeper in the world at 37 and 39 years old, a thousand emotions and I don’t know how much money. But my life cannot be conditioned by what others want: the fan loves you as long as he is equal, then he doesn’t he loves you more. The match for a footballer is like the stage for the actor, and I see that I’m still doing well. “

On values ​​in football: “In football, as in life, I believe in individuals and in the difference in value based on merit, which must be confirmed. I don’t like politically correct, I hate it; even if I probably use it too in order not to disrespect others. . Often you have to repeat the same things over and over to avoid sounding rude. “

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