what will be the most loved game?

From stadiums to consoles, the challenge for the next virtual football season after years of absolute monopoly by EA Sport will see three different titles engaged for the first time in almost a decade: Ea Sport FC, UFL and eFootball to which will be added on the occasion of the world championships in Qatar “mum FIFA“with a game of its own and which, given the economic resources and the almost total availability of licenses, will certainly be the protagonist in the football simulator scene right from the start.

A challenge that actually came to life a few weeks ago with the release of the eFootball with whom Konami has returned to office. The appeal is missing now, the highly anticipated UFL which most likely will be launched towards the end of 2022 in conjunction with the beginnings of the various European championships and FIFA which, as Infantino announced a few days ago, will make its return to consoles at the World Cup in Qatar with the aim of giving continuity to the originality of the FIFA brand.

It will finally be possible, after years of monotony, to have a very wide range of choice and from this point of view the real doubt will be, which title will win the largest slice of users?

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The imminent clash with FIFA that led to the change of name in Ea Sports FC (starting from 2023) certainly will not affect the physical structure of the game which at the moment, compared to the competitors, is clearly superior both in detail and in the graphics, on the contrary, in recent years, the EA Sports title has lost more and more appeal due to its now renowned transformation into a purely pay-to-win game.

At the moment, despite still having the largest share of passionate users in the sector, EA Sports seems to be much more vulnerable, even more so after the return of Konami, which with its free-to-play mode has completely undermined the dictates of a context. where the economic part has always had its importance.

The long-awaited update, after the total silence that lasted months, has finally put the Japanese manufacturer back on track, which has met with some success for now. Obviously it is clear, the game is still immature, but the basics are there, and Konami thanks to its revolutionary choice of free-to-play can really in a very short time revive the duopoly that for years has “clashed” generations.

Now Konami will have to be able to gradually integrate modalities that make the game even more attractive from the point of view of entertainment, perhaps by inserting the modalities that made the fortunes of the firstborn PES.

Despite the very few images made available by the parent company Strikerz Inc, it is now one of the most anticipated titles.

Just like eFootball, UFL will also embrace the world of free-to-play, a choice that can be considered risky for a title that is still unknown but which at the same time could represent its strength.

The premises are all there, now it is up to Strikerz to be able to offer an attractive product from a graphic point of view but first and foremost capable of reflecting the manufacturer’s communication, based on what players all over the world have been asking for for years, that is a game based on your own merits and not on how much you spend on virtual credits.

Official logo FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar printed on banner ...

Certainly, barring nefarious choices, the project that will take its final form in 2024 will be one of the top competitors in the sector.

After the split from EA Sports, FIFA will delegate the production of the first video game scheduled to coincide with the World Cup in Qatar to developers who are still unknown for now.

The definitive game, however, will only take shape in 2024 as FIFA 23 will still be, as signed in the contract, in the hands of EA Sports. Waiting to discover the next steps Gianni Infantino promises “The soccer game with the word FIFA in the name will always be the best. “

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