Twitter closes its office in Brussels and generates fear in the EU – News Technology – Technology

The newspaper recalls that Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa, who were in charge of digital policy in Europe, they left the company last weekas revealed by five people who were aware of those movements.

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Furthermore, the FT points out that other Twitter executives in the Brussels office left their posts at the beginning of the monthdue to the cuts executed by the company, which laid off half of its workforce.

According to the British newspaper, the outings at the Brussels office reveal a global trend from India to France, in which local Twitter executives who have held key positions dealing with government officials They leave the organization abruptly.

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This has raised growing concerns about whether the company has staff to ensure compliance with local laws regarding online content.

Speaking to the FT, Vera Jourová, in the EU vice-presidency in charge of the misinformation code, expressed its “concern at the news of layoffs of such a large number of Twitter staff in Europe” and noted that “if you want to effectively detect and take action against disinformation and propaganda, this requires resources.”

“Especially in the context of the Russian disinformation war, I hope that
Twitter fully respects EU law and honors its commitments.
Twitter has been a very useful partner in the fight against misinformation and hate speech and this must not change,” he said.

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