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Daissy Lorena Sepúlveda Lozano, leader of Fraud Prevention at Tuya, a partner company in the Digital Security Week, gave four tips to prevent theft and fraud in electronic purchases.

“If you see or receive a communication that contains: great discounts or unexpected prizes, you should stop, take a deep breath and analyze the details, before making any decision, you could be a victim of fraud. Remember: Of that so good, they do not give so much” , explained the expert.

The most important is that you should not make transactions, purchases or access your banking portal from public Wi-Fi networks. “Remember that they are vulnerable, they could be intervened and in this way lCyber ​​criminals can steal your financial data“, he added.

Once you are on the web, avoid accessing the links suggested in the search engine, check that a green closed padlock appears in the search bar. If it is in red or appears unsure, so you should immediately exit the page and refrain from making any purchases on it.

When using your credit card, just do it on web pages or secure virtual services“These will always start with https and you can verify this with the security lock in the navigation bar,” he said.

Always keep the antivirus of your devices and the contact information in the entities where you have products updated. “This way you can receive notifications of movements in your accounts. This will allow you to act quickly against fraud,” he said.

In her turn, Juliana Peña, Vice President in the Andean Region of BPC, a payment gateway, points out that the days of special discounts on online platforms are an opportunity to reduce payment fraud.

“Businesses and financial institutions, neobanks and fintechs must implement protection schemes and develop their solutions with international protection certificates. It is essential for the transactional industry to have products that integrate the PCI DSS standard, with the aim of reducing fraud in card payments and increasing data security in online transactions,” he said.

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