The Barcelona case

But what is happening at Barcelona? This is the question that almost everyone, among football fans, has been asking for a few months now. A question that becomes more and more insistent after the very latest rumors from Spain that see the Blaugrana club unable to register the five signings of the Catalan summer in LaLiga, plus two important contract renewals.

The main problem is now known: the current president Laporta inherited a disastrous financial situationwith a debt exceeding one billion euros and a budget full of obstacles, especially as regards the annual salary which, in Spain, must respect strict limits.

The economic situation of Barcelona is so well known in the world of football that there has been no shortage of digs from other clubs. First of all Bayern Munich, which denigrated the financial work of the Spanish club during the market rumors relating to a transfer of Lewandowski to Xavi’s court. But not only that: it was discovered that Leeds United wanted to insert a 10 million euro clause / penalty in the Raphinha deal, which Barça will pay in case of late payment of the Brazilian winger’s card.

Robert Lewandowski

Yet in a summer where very little was expected from Barcelona, ​​if not some free transfer, the Blaugrana management had a lot of fun, investing heavily to strengthen the team. On the other hand, one of Laporta’s strategies – never hidden – is that winning would help safeguard the financial aspect of the club as well.

With a debt exceeding one billion euros (1.35 billion euros to be exact, 673 million of which linked to banks), Laporta had to carry out some quite demanding operations that do not concern the transfer market. In fact, the president blaugrana has mortgaged some future collections of the club to have immediate liquidity to breathe the company’s coffers. He choices that today allow you to save Barcelona and invest in the market but which could also compromise income for the future.

So at the end of June, Barcelona sold 10% of the television rights to Sixth Street for 25 years, grossing € 207.5 million. The percentage of receipts from TV rights sold to Sixth Street has risen to 25% in recent weeks, with a further € 315 million in receipts. The club has thus obtained about 520 million euros today by giving up 25% of the television rights for the next 25 years.

Not only that, 25% of Barça Studio, the company that designs and produces the company’s multimedia and digital content, was also sold for 100 million euros.

In addition to these non-football operations, there is also the partnership signed with Spotify that will bring about 280 million euros into the coffers of Barça between sponsorship of the shirts and the name of the stadium.

Five new signings and two renewals are at risk for the start of the new LaLiga season. The Spanish federation has in fact rejected (and blocked) the registration of Koundé, Christensen, Kessié, Raphinha and Lewandowski, plus Sergi Roberto and Dembelé, fresh from contract renewal. The reason? Barcelona would not meet the economic requirements to complete the seven transfer market operations.

President Laporta has already assured that he has sent all the necessary documents to reverse the situation and be able to make the seven players available to Xavi in ​​view of his debut in the league.

Raphael Dias Belloli

After having sold 25% of the TV rights for the next 25 years and 25% of the Barça Studios, the next – non-market – move of the Blaugrana management could still be linked to the company that produces the club’s multimedia content, with the sale of a percentage of just under 25% (24.5%) for a figure of just under 100 million euros.

On the market front, however, it is necessary – if not essential – to get rid of some redundancies or prominent names. The two players who have the most chances of leaving the club to date are Frenkie de Jong and Memphis Depay. The first is destined for the Premier League and Barça hopes to collect a figure close to 70 million euros; the second, on the other hand, weighs a lot from the point of view of the engagement and could even leave at no cost, as long as he gets rid of his salary completely.

To this must also be added the attempt by the management to lower the salaries of the senators.

Yet Laporta does not seem to want to stop. In December, the plan for the renovation of the Camp Nou was already approved, which will lead to a new debt of approximately 1.5 billion euros. On the market front, however, despite the block imposed by LaLiga, rumors about possible new arrivals continue. The last in chronological order is that of Marcos Alonso, out of Chelsea. The former Fiorentina could wear the blaugrana shirt behind an investment of 10 million euros.

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