Suspension lifted: Russians out, Russians in

Dhe Russian exults. At least the willing sports functionary in the apparatus of the dictator Putin’s raid. Of course, sports associations are also set up democratically in the realm of Peter dem, uh, Wladimir, the Gröeif, the biggest ice hockey freak, and the big chairmen are of course elected. And so they understand the mechanisms in old Europe: in sports, at least choose the legal route.

Now the suspension of the Russian Bobsleigh Federation has been lifted by the Executive of the International Federation (IBSF) because of the brutal campaign against Ukraine. Hopefully winter is still a long way off and bobsledding is not necessarily the core of the world sport. But if you have to agree with the Russian Sports Minister Matysin, then on this point: “This is an important judgment.”

The case cannot be put on hold because other associations are already having or will have the same experience. They face a battle in judgment for which they have to arm themselves enormously if they don’t want to lose. Otherwise it will be like in the IBSF. The president has to seek advice from the suspended adviser again: the Russian Parkomenko.

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