Sport and humor: Laughing with Klopp

Jürgen Klopp knows how to laugh and how to make others laugh.
Image: picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire

World pain everywhere? A special training course, for which there are famous trainers, helps to counteract this. Rudi Völler’s best saying should be available as an antidepressant on prescription. Jürgen Klopp also helps.

Vdarn, now we’ve just missed the world laughter day. Unfortunately, this recently found very little response. A lot of people needed him more than they had in a long time – with the current news situation, from which it is best to distract yourself from time to time by doing a bit of sport.

And laughter is sport. After all, people often laugh in competition. You can also practice it, yes, there are even proven laughter coaches who know how to do it. They recommend that beginners walk in circles while shouting: Ho-ho-ho! Ha-ha-ha!

You don’t need a reason: Supposedly that’s how you infect yourself with your own laughter. If this doesn’t make your heart lighter, the only thing left to distract you from the pain of the world is football.

About the emergency brake from Rudi Völler, who is about to retire to private life. His best saying should be available as an antidepressant on prescription: “I can’t hear that shit anymore!” And if that’s too flat for you, an original Jürgen Klopp is recommended: “Friends of the South Seas, don’t get on my nerves with that!”

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