Sebastián Villa: would be accused of extortion, in addition to sexual abuse – International Soccer – Sports

(In context: Sebastián Villa, reported for attempted murder and sexual abuse).

But within the statement of the woman, who has requested that the soccer player be prevented from leaving Argentina to prevent him from “evading his responsibility” and that security measures be guaranteed to her, there is an additional detail: is there a possible crime of extortion in this case?

According to the Argentine journalist Juan Pablo Varsky, this seems to be the case: “The complainant cites a later meeting with Villa in Puerto Madero, in which, according to the woman, Villa asked her how much money the issue was resolved with. The complainant declares that she began to record Villa and that the Colombian offered her $5,000.“, said.

“Then he declares that someone named Félix, Villa’s supposed “right hand man”, snatches his cell phone and erases the evidence, but “luckily he had forwarded everything to my friend and my brother,” he added.

And here would be the most delicate situation: “The complainant also states that, after that, she was forced to sign a paper and receive an envelope with money, which she claims to have proof that it was returned. She remarks that, after that, Villa left the country”.

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One more crime could be added to the serious accusations that Rocío makes against Villa, who in the past was denounced by her ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, for assaults and acts related to gender violence.

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