Sebastián Billa: Boca Juniors statement in the face of new accusations – International Soccer – Sports

According to the woman, the event occurred on June 26, 2021. “In principle, the event would fit into what is a sexual abuse with carnal access, aggravated by the injuries, and contested with an illegitimate deprivation of liberty. The prosecution has to review his criminal record and must analyze if he is at risk that he can escape, so preventive detention is not a risky measure to protect that he can be prosecuted,” he added.

“Boca Juniors informs the members of the club, fans, the media and the general public that the institution’s Inclusion and Equality department is already available for the episode. that involves the player Sebastián Villa and once again ratifies his total commitment in situations of gender and equality, as stated in the first Protocol of the club for action in cases of Gender-Based ViolenceGender Identity and/or Sexual Orientation, approved on August 12 by the Board of Directors Assembly”.

“As in every situation that involves a person from the club, Boca Juniors makes itself available, provides the corresponding support and redoubles its efforts to continue growing as an institution in the values ​​that inspired the current protocol and that is based on essential application principles. such as prevention, advice and assistance, respect and privacy, confidentiality, among others”.

According to the Argentine press, despite the complaint, the Colombian will be taken into account by Boca for this Saturday’s game.


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