Sainz on technical directives: “I did not expect an immediate reaction from the FIA”

The anti porpoising technical directive has been postponed by the FIA, which should implement it from the next British Grand Prix at Silverstone, after having already issued it for Canada but subsequently “suspended” to allow teams to organize themselves and also to monitor the situation of hopping on the Montreal track. Carlos Sainz said he was surprised at how the Federation promptly responded to the drivers’ needs.

“Surely the FIA ​​has listened to the complaints of the drivers of the last few weeks – Sainz said in Montreal. I honestly did not expect such a prompt response from the Federation, and now we will have to examine in detail what actions we will need to take to improve the machines in this respect in the future. Let’s see these new rules as they will be, I think they will affect all the teams on the grid, because everyone tries to keep the cars as low as possible. Indeed, I increased the physiotherapy sessions with Ruperto, my coach, I also did some checks to see if everything was ok ”.

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