rollerski opens cycle for Brazilian athletes

Brazilian Rollerski Circuit performs first stage and officially opens the cycle for the 2026 Olympic Games in winter sports (Disclosure/CBDN)

Officially, Brazil’s winter sports journey towards 2026 Olympic Games starts this Friday, June 17, 2022, in São Carlos. The Brazilian Snow Sports Confederation (CBDN) holds the first stage of the Brazilian Rollerski Circuit season. The event ends on Sunday the 19th.

The dispute will take place at Parque Damha, where the entity has a Training Center for cross-country skiing and biathlon. In all, there will be three tests in this inaugural stage: distance in free technique and in classical technique (10km for men and 5km for women each) and a sprint free.

Until October there will be three more stages, which serve not only to prepare Brazilian athletes, but also count points for the international cross-country ski ranking. FIS regulated events are considered official and therefore award the famous FIS points to competitors.

In this way, competition is important for the journey towards 2026 Olympic Games. This season, of course, still doesn’t count points for the pre-Olympic ranking. But for the 2022 Olympics, Manex Silva and Steve Hiestand reached the A index in cross-country skiing thanks to their performance on the Rollerski Circuit.

“The circuit consolidates itself every year as one of the most important competitive snow events. Last year, 26 athletes from six countries came to Brazil to compete in the competitions. In addition, it was fundamental for the achievement of several records over the past cycle”, reaffirmed Pedro Cavazzoni, CEO and technical superintendent of CBDN.

Challenge is to consolidate new talent for the 2026 Olympic Games

As it is the opening of a new winter cycle, the biggest challenge is precisely to identify new talents to join the team in the next four years. The idea is to maintain the country’s evolution in cross-country skiing and, who knows, even expand the number of Olympic spots. In 2022, for the first time, Team Brasil classified three athletes in the modality.


In this sense, two names already stand out for the 2026 Olympic Games. In the women’s, Eduarda Ribera appears as the main name of the team’s renewal. The youngest Brazilian present at Beijing/2022, she hopes to grow in the next four years to even lead the women’s team – Jaqueline Mourão is still not sure about competing in the next Olympics.

Among men, Manex Silva is already consolidated as the main cross-country ski athlete. However, he must win the company of Claudio Gustavo de Oliveira. The youngster was under-20 champion last season and should contribute to the adult team for years to come.

Bruna Moura is absent this season

This season of the Brazilian Rollerski Circuit will have a significant absence. Bruna Moura, who was the champion of the women’s dispute in the eight editions already held (the first alongside Gabriela Neres), will not compete this year. The athlete is still recovering from the serious car accident suffered on the eve of the Beijing Games.

Fortunately, she is in full recovery and intends to seek the vacancy to the 2026 Olympic Games. “My motivation is like a rocket ripping through the skies. Let’s keep it up!”, she commented in an Instagram post, after getting support from cycling equipment to help her with her training in the Netherlands, where she lives.


Even without being able to run due to the gradual recovery of the fractures in the foot, she is already able to pedal. She walked more than 60km in a test she did with the bike she received and posts photos and videos of physical therapy. If this season it is still unlikely that she will return, everything leads to believe that Bruna will return to compete in the next one.

Paralympic circuit returns in July

In addition to opening the walk to the 2026 olympic games, the Rollerski Circuit will also be the opening of the Paralympic cycle of Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this is the first time in two years that all Paralympic athletes will be able to participate in the competition.

However, the event will only have two stages and the first of them will be in July, between the 9th and 11th. Afterwards, the athletes will compete again between October 21st and 23rd – always in São Carlos. The dates coincide with the team’s preparation for the snow tests: the first before the South American season; the second for the Northern Hemisphere dispute.

In all, the competitions will be divided into three Paralympic categories: sitting (lower limb problems), standing (upper limb problems) and visually impaired (Visual impairment). All CBDN affiliated athletes can participate. The stars Cristian Ribera and Aline Rocha should again be the highlights.


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