Red Bull, Marko: “We are dominating the championship”

Despite being told by many as a championship fought blow for blow, the reality is that Red Bull has struck six consecutive victories from Imola to Montreal, inflicting a partial of 7 to 2 to the Ferrari “stopped” to victory in Melbourne , with Verstappen at six wins and in full championship escape.

It must be said that Maranello threw out the two certain victories in Barcelona and Monte Carlo, and a probable one in Baku, due to reliability and strategy problems. However, history is not made with the ifs and buts and the facts speak at least in this first third of the season of a real Red Bull domination in numbers.

A superiority that Milton Keyenes manager Helmut Marko does not hesitate to show, as a straightforward character.

“The main thing is to avoid reliability problems and finish the races. We are proving to be very fastMarko’s words to Autosport – Normally in the first part of the season we have always suffered a bit, while now we are dominating. If you win seven races in the first nine that’s a real dominance. However, we must remain attentive to reliability, we have seen how much this problem has affected Ferrari. The only team that hasn’t had any problems is Mercedes, but they often had to slow down their performance to avoid problems ”.

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