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Powerpaola studied plastic arts in Medellín; he lived her childhood between Cali and Quito. She is now based in Buenos Aires. She has been through artistic residences in places as dissimilar as Leticia and Berlin; In each place, her great company is pencils and notebooks. And the bikes. She is a total nomad. She recently did an exhibition of her paintings and her drawings at the Sextant Gallery; but even on the walls, with perfect frames, her power is in her ability to tell stories in panels. In capturing life.

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The discussion about comics as art or as a bastard child of literature was settled in 1992 when Mausthe graphic novel about the Holocaust art spiegelmanwon the most prestigious award in American literature: the Pulitzer. Her name was engraved next to his. Hemingway, Faulkner or the one of Philip Roth. All the bikes I owned, from Powerpaola (he always signs his Paola with lower case), only confirms an exceptional talent that he showed with tropic virus in 2011, a comic that, by the way, is a cult piece throughout Latin America.

‘All the bikes I owned’
Editorial The silhouette
Price $69,000


Editorial courtesy The Silhouette

His adventures are not worth telling; they have to hold it in their hands, remember the magical moment when they were finally able to walk on two wheels as children, turn its pages with the memory of a suburb in the eighties in the old chopper, enjoying her pedal strokes as a rebellious teenager, remembering old road friends, seeing her fall down a sewer in the 21st century and, above all, at the end, put on her helmet and go for a ride to feel the wind on her face. It is a beautiful novel.


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