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Originally from Medellín, Oviedo began his career as the personal DJ of singer Karol G, when she was just starting out in the world of music. Little by little, Ovy on the Drums -as he is called artistically- was showing his talent to the world, for which he is now recognized as one of the best composers of the urban genre in Latin America.

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In addition to his work with ‘Bichota’, The producer has established alliances with artists such as Blessd, Mike Towers, Anuel AA, Paulo Londra, Mau y Ricky, Béele, among others.

In addition, the man from Antioquia presented his career as a singer and his voice has sounded in well-known songs such as ‘Tendencia Global’, ‘Te Extraño’, ‘Inolvidable’, and many more hits.

If it’s about reaping successes, Oviedo recently signed a contract with the great producer Warner Music and released his new single ‘Borracha’, in collaboration with the interpreter Felix Klein. He is also nominated for the Tu Música Urbano 2022 awards.

With these announcements, the composer has made it clear that his musical career is just getting started.

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Contrasting the songs you composed when you started working in music and the ones you have recently produced, how has it been to adapt to the rhythms and trends of the genre?

Before working with someone I really like to know what they are like as a person.

How is the experience of working with international artists?How has the experience of working with Blessd been?

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He is very talented and a great artist in the studio. We’re celebrating the hits we’ve had together, like ‘Global Trend’, which we’re on with Mike Towers. Also, ‘Medallo’ is the most important song of Blessd’s career so far and the fact that I am the producer of this hit fills me with pride.

What is your dream collaboration?How did your friendship with Karol G begin?How was the work behind ‘Mamii’?

How was the challenge of mixing two different genres, popular and urban, in the song of ‘200 copas’?

My dream is to do a song with Eminem or with Dr. Re, Kanye West or Pharrell Williams.

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In the production we also included other background sounds, such as applause and voices, which gave it a nice touch. I must confess that it was a very difficult task because we had to be very precise to make it sound real, like it was live. Fortunately, we put out a very good product and it was a complete success.

What can you tell us about your new single ‘Borracha’?

What invitation do you make to your followers regarding your solo career and your next hits?

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