New Meta Clothing Business for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Avatars – Apps – Technology

For now, users will be able to purchase these digital outfits, as well as select existing options at no cost, for the avatar on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Avatars in three dimensions (3D) arrived on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in February of this year. With them, Meta sought to pave the way for the implementation of the metaverse in all its services.

The announcement was made in an IInstagram Live with Eva Chen, VP of Fashion Partnerships for Meta, and opportunities for brands and businesses were established, as some will be directly linked to services present in the metaverse.

He later stated that he hopes that digital goods will serve to express himself and that they will be a “great catalyst for the creative economy.” In addition, he has anticipated his intention to bring this initiative to virtual reality (VR).

The Meta Avatars Store will be rolling out gradually over the next week in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Thailand.

“You can find out how to create your avatar in Meta on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. We hope to bring the Avatars Store to augmented reality, as well as other brands, soon,” the company said.

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