Mercedes, Vowles: “Hamilton is an elite driver, he will be on track in Montreal”

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix told us how Mercedes is still very slow in the race pace compared to Red Bull and Ferrari. Of course, the W13 is very reliable and this has allowed Russell and Hamilton to patch up and take advantage of the troubles of the others, most recently the Maranello F1-75, but it is clear that one cannot live off the misfortunes of others. The car is very complicated to drive, and Hamilton has had several physical problems. Someone thought that he could skip Montreal, but it is a matter definitely averted.

“Hamilton is an elite athlete and pushes the limits of the endurance of himself and the machine – said James Vowles, director of strategy at Mercedes. This is what Formula 1 drivers do, and this is what makes them exceptional. So yes, it will be driving to Montreal. However, we have pushed the package too far, we are making the riders uncomfortable, we cannot afford to do it again. They are not the only ones suffering, there are a number of comments about it from other people who have the same discomforts and pains. Our responsibility now is to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“Maybe we didn’t expect to go back to Baku this far, but this has allowed us to learn a few things. Montreal will be no different from the last two races, I think we will have a package not yet at the level of Red Bull and Ferrari, they will still be the reference point and with which we will have to confront. However, I believe that the gap will not be as big as in Baku, I am sure that step by step we will be able to catch up with those in front ”.

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