María Isabel Urrutia: interview with the new Minister of Sports – Other Sports – Sports

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And as for its management?

We want the most remote places in the country to have the opportunity to stand out, for boys and girls to practice the sport they want, without neglecting high performance, which is a main part of the Ministry.

What is the idea?

There are some missionary programs of the Ministry and we want to carry out that ambitious program that was carried out in Bogotá, when we finished with 27 sports disciplines at the highest level. And that has to be replicated.

Who do you need to fulfill that idea?

This will generate connection with the Ministries of Culture, Health and others. The President talks about health prevention and sports activity will be key in that.

María Isabel Urrutia, when she won gold in Sydney 2000.

What is your plan with high performance?

You have to put a little order. See how we lower costs. We have a sports village at 2,600 meters above sea level, a hotel, a point where the national teams, in some stages, can gather. In the same way, some agreements can be made for concentrations outside the country, everything, in order to maintain and increase the level of the athletes.

Will aid for altius athletes continue?

Those conditions will continue. That is financed by the Ministry and the issue is operated by the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), it is something that will be guaranteed, but it must be put in order for better results.

Do you have good relations with the COC?

There is a good relationship with that entity, with the leaders. Well, I have a good relationship with everyone (laughs).

What do you think is the biggest headache?

It is important to know what we are going to get our hands on. In the transfer and experience in sports entities and in the administrative part and the fact of having passed through Congress we can find the resources we need to carry out good management.

What are you worried about?

Several things, but one key is that we have assigned the Pan American Games to Barranquilla in 2027 and they are not financed, there is no money, but those are the great challenges that exist and in the end we will achieve everything.

And women’s football?

As a woman, it is clear that I will give all my support to women’s sports. We will seek to recognize the right to work, give them guarantees so that they can dedicate themselves to the sport they want. We are going to meet with Dimayor, the Colombian Football Federation, to reach these agreements.

Will you continue to support cycling as it is?

We are looking at that, according to the review we will analyze what will be done. What is good will be kept and what cannot be done will be removed or improved. Cycling is a good way for children to get excited. What is done is a clear example for other sports to have sponsorships.

What are you going to work harder on?

One wants many things, but we are going to work as hard as possible on several points. For example, we must see how we operate internationally to get support, so that leaders and technicians have training and thus strengthen sports practice.

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