Luis Enrique: His best goal was against the Colombian team – International Football – Sports

And he added: “This result clearly strengthens us all, but we must not forget that we have to play against Germany, which needs to win and we want to win if we continue thinking of being a real option to go as far as possible. Today we will celebrate, We’ll go to dinner and enjoy ourselves and tomorrow we’ll start preparing for the game in Germany”.

“Praise weakens and we are prepared so that nothing affects us, although it is much better, of course, that the current be positive,” he insisted in his appearance.

The DT remembered the game in which Spain beat Colombia 4-0 in the Olympic Games in Spain in 1992.

“I haven’t been one to score many spectacular goals. I really liked one that I scored against Colombia in the Olympics. A very cool goal, which Kiko gave me a pass, I controlled it with my chest on the edge of the area and I gave it a Vaseline ‘ to the goalie,” he said.

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