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“I was summoned by Mr. Raúl Giraldo to a meeting at the offices. It was a very short conversation, They told me that the institution had decided to change the coaching staff,” Comesaña told Win Sports.

“The theme of mutual agreement is that there is someone who proposes something and the other person accepts it. I replied that there was no problem and that I accepted the decision,” Comesaña added.

Daniel Osa. “Mr. Daniel Ossa (president of the DIM) has to respect me, because he is an appearance in football. I didn’t leave DIM, they left me”.

economic power. “One has to have economic power, convening power and political power. Medellín has great convening power; economic power, I don’t know if it has it, but in that sense the club meets its salaries, but it doesn’t have political power”.

the hobby “The lack of empathy is generated by the president, he meets with a group of fans and agrees to a lot of things. Don’t make me speak, because I was going to go quietly, but I am going to defend myself against things that are missing the truth. After what they say about the subject of age, Mr. Ossa is 34 years old, I am 74, I stand next to him and let whoever is older look at us.

The bell. “Is there someone so ignorant of football to say that this DIM campaign deserves to get the coach out? I hope that all this that was done is not thrown overboard, but Mr. Daniel Ossa has to respect me, because what he is doing is not taking care of his uncle’s money, nor for the club, because he is doing things in the wrong way.”

Independent. “That they do not point me out and that I do not want Medellín and that I fight with the fans of the clubbut no one is going to manage the team for me, he doesn’t have the guts to sit down and talk to me”.

His work. “I came to Medellín alone. I’m not here to take anyone’s job away. I used the people who were there, we brought people from the club. I fixed contract issues with several players so we could have peace of mind. A few dates ago I realized that there was something, a group that shouted, that you’re leaving, that you’re leaving. I’m sure that when I went to Bogotá to play against La Equidad they already knew that they were going to kick me out.

The miracles. “I would have gone straight and had talked to the DT. I live for realities. There are miracles. I can’t sit back and blame God. They put me there to do my job. I have no problems, not even with the players. Mr. Osa is not up to the task of sitting down to talk to me.

Relations. “I never broke relations with the president and neither did he. I never go to his office, but I think the thing is broken now. If they weren’t able to tell me that I was going to leave, what were they waiting for, that I wouldn’t make it to the final? Tolima and Nacional play the final, one of them will win and the other 19 coaches will be losers.

A toy. “When you give a child a toy, it shouldn’t be expensive, because they break it. Medellín is not a toy, it is serious, without improvisations. We left behind a healthy team, used to winning, training, having defined goals. Hopefully whoever comes builds on what there is. I have nothing against Medellin”.

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