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The aircraft in the bid had a market cost of $32 million.

“Give me a business plan to get the plane,” the investor asked the boy. He was crazy, but Todd Hoffman had fashioned his life from risks, failures, and successes, so he joined the quixotic adventure of wresting Pepsi’s impressive prize.

Todd Hoffman was the flamboyant businessman who helped Leonard

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John Leonard is now 48 years old.

“I can tell you that millions of people like me thought the plane offer was real”

Leonard’s dream was to keep the ship and turn his life around.

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“Pepsi blew a great opportunity to get this guy and say, ‘Look, we’ll fly you across the country on the Harrier jet for the next year, we’ll pay you a million dollars.’

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Hoffman (left) and Leonard became great friends and mountain climbers.


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