Is there a vehicle restriction today Saturday May 14 in the Metropolitan Region?

Last May 2 began to govern again in Chile the Vehicular restrictiona measure that applies throughout the Metropolitan region with the objective of reduce environmental pollution in this area of ​​the country, and also to help with the car congestion on the streets.

This measure establishes that green-stamped catalytic vehicles registered before September 1, 2011, will have a restriction daily two digits on the perimeter interior of the Amerigo Vespucio ring -in addition to San Bernardo and Puente Alto- of Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

However, the measure also may rule -eventually- on weekendsdepending on whether conditions in the capital reflect that the air quality is poor and the Presidential Delegation of the Metropolitan Region declares a Environmental Alert.

With this initiative of Critical Event Management plan (GEC), it seeks to lower the high pollution index in Santiago especially in the winter period where the ventilation conditions are not optimal. Check here the calendar arranged by the Ministry of Transport for this month of May.

This is the perimeter in which the Vehicle Restriction applies, in addition to the communes of San Bernardo and Puente Alto.

Is there a vehicle restriction this Saturday May 14 in the Metropolitan Region?

Because the atmospheric conditions in Santiago indicate that air quality for this one Saturday May 14 will be regularthe authorities determined that:

  • Vehicles with a green stamp registered before September 1, 2011: There is not.
  • Vehicles without a green seal: There is not.
  • Motorcycles registered since 2002 and before September 1, 2010: There is not.
  • Motorcycles manufactured before 2002: There is not.
  • Private intercity and rural passenger transport buses without a green seal: There is not.
  • Freight transport without green stamp: There is not.

What happens if I do not respect the Vehicle Restriction?

If a person is caught missing this measure, will receive a fine of between 1 and 1.5 UTM (Come in $56,762 and $85,143). This same sanction applies to those who circulate along an environmental axis on days of pre-emergency or environmental emergency.

It should also be noted that the Government has more than 400 cameras to automatically detectaa vehicles that do not comply with the restriction.

Check with the digits of your patent

For those who still have doubts about the vehicular restrictionfrom the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications enabled the sites Y log query for the users themselves to verify the information directly.

In the event of a pre-emergency or environmental emergency, additional digits or new days will be added to the restriction.

How long does the vehicle restriction last?

According to the official website of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, The vehicle restriction will remain in force until Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

What vehicles does the Vehicle Restriction not affect?

In addition to the vehicles that are free from this measure due to the date of their manufacture, The following are exempt from the restriction:

  • emergency vehicles Police, PDI, firefighters, ambulances and gendarmerie.
  • Modified cars for the disabled or that are used for the transfer of a person with a disability with the credential of the National Registry of Disability.
  • Vehicles that provide services to hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and health centers.
  • Mortuary cars.
  • Vehicles that provide service to the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission
  • 100% electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Gas vehicles that comply with Supreme Decree No. 55/98 and that they have the relevant Technical Review.
  • Television channel vehicles equipped with antennas for live transmission.
  • Vehicles that provide paid public transport services of passengers, except rural and intercity buses.
  • Paid transportation vehicles for schoolchildren.
  • Vehicles destined for garbage collection.
  • Vehicles with some type of diplomatic patent.

Nevertheless, so as not to be restricted you must fill in the following form and attach the necessary documentation.

On the other hand, “Vehicles for private use intended for the transfer of personnel who have the status of individual health provider and that works in public or private establishments that have hospitalization and/or emergency care services” are also free from the restriction filling out this form.

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