Good mood in the quiet place

In the middle of the night, kicker reporter Jörg Wolfrum suddenly heard a party in the international media center: Despite the defeat of the Black Stars, the Ghanaians Abel and Deni didn’t let the mood take away.

Even in the middle of the night there is still a lot going on: the media center in Qatar.

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Celebration? 2 a.m. at night? On the toilet in the Main Media Center, the MMC? In any case, the best atmosphere comes out, laughter, a little singing. So: Open the door and – then, surprisingly, there is no disco going on. Abel and his colleague Deni are just in a good mood while they do what cleaning staff do on the toilet.

You’re allowed to stay, you’re quickly in conversation shortly afterwards, there’s nothing going on at this time, the pressure is gone now – and then it’s about football, of course. The reporter from Germany, Ilkay Gündogan is praised and regretted at the same time. It would have been better for the poor man to travel to the World Cup with Manchester City, the chances of winning would then probably be greater, including the World Cup title. And laughing again, what else is there to do? He who is right is right. Oh yes, Abel and Deni also have the idea of ​​having Toni Kroos flown in at short notice.

A chorus echoes through the media center

Where are they from? From Ghana, and then they roll their eyes, not because they don’t love their home country, but because Ghana lost to Portugal two or three hours earlier. And despite the labyrinth MMC, the sentence from Ghana coach Otto Addo has long since reached Abel and Deni.

kicker reporter Jörg Wolfrum reports from Qatar.

kicker reporter Jörg Wolfrum reports from Qatar.

He had congratulated superstar Cristiano Ronaldo on his record of having scored in five World Cups thanks to the penalty goal. “But it was a gift,” Addo had said, looking at a controversial whistle from the referee – and Abel and Deni are now singing in unison: “It was a present.”

A gift that causes a sensation

At some point two more men come to the toilet, they don’t join in the chorus, but it becomes clear that they haven’t had such a short break for a long time. Then there are three of you again and you go through the favourites, or those who aren’t any more, but Abel and Deni hope Ghana can still do it. Maybe there will be a gift for the Black Stars against South Korea and Uruguay. Can’t imagine how loud it might get in the quiet place.

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