Gerard Piqué: This is the millionaire he loses due to his separation from Shakira – People – Culture

The same day the couple’s separation was confirmed, Shakira’s number of followers suddenly increased by 400,000. As of today, the barranquillera has 75 million followers, while Piqué has 20.4 million.

Similarly, one of Shakira’s latest singles, ‘Te congratulations’, also gained surprising popularity after the couple’s separation was confirmed They had been together for more than a decade.

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It is estimated that since the scandal beganShakira has gained about 20 million followers, while those of Piqué have fallen dramatically. For this reason, according to a digital marketing expert consulted by the ‘Sálvame’ media outlet, “there are many advertising agreements that are going to change, because the cache of a person who has Shakira’s followers is not the same as Piqué’s.”

In addition, according to a survey carried out by ‘Culemanía’, 63.3% of the fans of Barcelona, ​​a team in which Piqué plays as a defender, consider that he should leave the team; on the other hand, only 17.1% are in favor of the player continuing to be part of the club and another 14.1% say that staying should depend on improving his physical condition.


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