Formula 1 | Ferrari, 100 km of filming days in Monza completed

Ferrari completed the second and final filming day session in Monza. Charles Leclerc showed up on the Brianza track and covered all 100 km planned. Officially, this day was anticipated a lot for sponsorship reasons, given that Kaspersky, a Russian company and sponsor of the Red team for years, was still present in the first filming day of the season, but those images were not disclosed due to what happened in Ukraine and for thanks to the suspended agreement between the companies, therefore to satisfy all the other partners, the Scuderia di Maranello has opted for this solution.

A day that seems to fit perfectly, however, given that Ferrari took advantage of this session to test some technical components that should already be on the F1-75 in the next Spanish Grand Prix, where the first real update of the car will arrive in 2022. filters, the Red should start a “slimming cure”, so as to lose some fundamental kilos to gain performance, a bit like Red Bull did in Imola. Among other things, it seems that Leclerc ended the day with a forced stop on the track to avoid the risk of exceeding the 100 km threshold, evidently every single meter of test can be decisive from a world perspective.

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