Flamengo beats Atlético-MG and climbs to fifth in the women’s Brasileirão

Official CBF

For the 13th round of the Brazilian Women’s Championship, Flamengo beat Atlético-MG 1-0 on Monday night (20), at Independência, in Belo Horizonte. Maria Alves scored the only goal of the match. With the result, the Girls from Gávea reached 21 points and rose from ninth to fifth place in the championship.

The game
The Girls from Gávea started the match with everything and opened the scoring with just seven minutes. Maria Alves takes advantage of the strike inside the area and scored a beautiful goal. Mengão continued with greater possession of the ball and exchanged passes in search of spaces in Atletico’s defense.


At 19′, Duda took off a good pass to Tuane, who hit hard for goalkeeper Nicole to save well. Around 20 minutes, the game lost in intensity and the teams valued possession of the ball more. At 32′, Monalisa took a short corner to Leidiane, who crossed in the area and Duda almost scored the second, after an error by the goalkeeper.

In the final stretch of the first stage, Kaylane made a providential cut over the line and avoided the equalizing goal of Atlético-MG. At 45′, Leidiane took a free-kick on the whim, Nicole stretched out to make a save and the ball hit the crossbar. On the rebound, Thaisa could not finish in a goal. The Most Beloved went to halftime in the lead.

At the beginning of the second stage, Atlético advanced the marking and made it difficult for Flamengo to leave the ball. At 13′, Duda escaped well through the middle and risked the shot from the middle, but the goalkeeper made a save. At 22′, Gisseli crossed, Thaisa dominated dribbling two markers and hit the goal. Nicole made a good save.

In the final stretch of the game, Duda made a foul to kill the counterattack play, took the second yellow card and was sent off. Outnumbered, the Girls from Gávea managed to hold the result and won the victory at Independência.


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