Evaluna sends a message to Camilo on his first Father’s Day – People – Culture

(Also: Camilo says that Evaluna ate the baby’s placenta)

On the occasion of Father’s Day, The Venezuelan singer wrote a heartfelt message for Camilo on her Instagram account. The publication is close to half a million likes.

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And he adds: “How good it looks on you, uff. Every day you are more handsome! Knowing that Índi has you is the greatest blessing. Thank you for being my team mate [compañero de equipo] in this new adventure. I love being able to live every second by your side. Love you.”

In the comments, friends of the couple and Internet users also took the opportunity to wish the Colombian singer a “happy day.”

While speaking on ‘La Resistencia’, Camilo shared this particular experience: “My wife was encapsulated [la placenta] and he ate it”, to which the panelists were surprised and a little confused.

(Furthermore: Camilo recounted Indigo’s ‘tuned reaction’ when he listens to his song)

The practice of eating the placenta arises from the popular belief that this organic component can help the woman produce more favorable stem cells for the baby. However, a study conducted by the ‘American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology’ reveals that there is no scientific support behind this statement.

Even so, Evaluna Montaner is not the only celebrity who has admitted consuming her placenta. Kim Kardashian also participated in this trend with the product of her pregnancy with Saint, one of her children.

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