"Empty", "grueling", "a shitty feeling" – Victoria’s tearful descent

Viktoria Berlin said goodbye to the 3rd division with a lot of goals and tears: after a 3:4 home defeat against SV Meppen, the capital city-dwellers had to go back to the regional league after just one season. A “shit feeling” for captain Christoph Menz and his teammates. The season had started so promisingly for the promoted team.

Tears flowed at Viktoria Berlin after the sealed relegation from the 3rd division.

IMAGO/Werner Scholz

Because Berlin started at full speed in the 3rd division, got three wins at the start and drew attention to itself with two 4-0 wins against Braunschweig and Kaiserslautern. “I have to say it was a very, very strenuous year, with everything that goes with it. With the high at the beginning, then with the one where everything actually works, but we don’t get any points, and then from January – how can I explain it?” , Björn Jopek summarized the season from his point of view on the MagentaSport microphone and added to the events in January: “It felt like when you always say in films ‘It can’t get any worse – and then something happened again’.”

Victoria’s burglary in the Corona winter

This “something” was in the case of Viktoria Berlin Corona: The climber was hit hard by the pandemic in January. Numerous players were infected, and games had to be canceled several times – sometimes a few hours before kick-off. And there was also a crunch in the team: “No preparation, players left, new players came, some things didn’t fit, with each other, with each other,” Menz summarized the Corona winter in retrospect. Training with six or seven players and the numerous English weeks were big challenges. At the end of February, promotion coach Benedetto Muzzicato separated to give new impetus. Farat Toku took over in early March, but was initially unable to stop the downtrend.

In the first three months of 2022, the Berliners scored just three points, conceded 26 goals during this time and slipped from twelfth to 16th place. Although the team caught on a bit in April, according to Jopek, one problem ran like a red thread through the last third of the season: “Unfortunately, we only ever got the points against those up there, and there was always something in the direct duels.” Because the direct duels in the table basement against Havelse (1: 1), Duisburg (0: 1) and Würzburg (0: 3) could not win Viktoria.

Menz and Teichmann looking ahead

Toku didn’t want to blame his boys for not being able to win the last game of the season against SV Meppen. His team “threw everything in” and with three aluminum hits, luck was a bit lacking. While the coach was aloof, as usual, Menz looked ahead: “I hope that I’ll continue playing next year – and then we’ll see each other again in two years”, the captain would like to remain loyal to the club. And his sports director Rocco Teichmann is already looking ahead: “It was so much fun that we would like to take part again. And of course we will work on that with the knowledge we have now.”

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