Eddy about police action in Wolfsburg – Werder sees "competitive disadvantage"

Werder Bremen will have to do without the support of their Ultras when they return to the Bundesliga. The reason is a measure taken by the police at the Wolfsburg train station.

Werder Bremen fans.


“Although the game was classified as harmless by both clubs in the run-up, the police are carrying out intensive searches and personal identification, fans are being held and are not able to move freely,” said Werder about two hours before the Bundesliga kick-off -Away game at VfL Wolfsburg via Twitter.

Accordingly, Werder’s ultra groups decided to “return to Bremen”, continued the Bundesliga climber. “That represents a clear competitive disadvantage for Werder.” Large parts of the guest block will remain empty in Wolfsburg. “SV Werder shows solidarity with its supporters and condemns the measures taken.”

The Wolfsburg police announced that “a checkpoint had been set up for legal reasons to avert danger” “to prevent clashes between fan groups and the carrying and burning of pyrotechnics”.

The Grün-Weiße Hilfe eV, founded by the fan scene, announced that it would examine the legality of the measures “exactly”.

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