Do you want to have long and defined eyelashes? Check 5 homemade tips to achieve it

Have you tried to have a defined look with long eyelashes? Although today beauty standards have been subject to questioning, especially regarding what is imposed by large industries, it is undeniable that having the curled and well-defined lashes can give you a look you feel comfortable with.

Within the importance for the body to maintain healthy eyelashes, it is highlighted that its use is essential to detect changes in the environment and protect our eyes. At the same time, they have mites that help keep the eyeballs cleanwithout forgetting that they can give us a look with a more intense look.

There are many products that exist in the market to make the eyelashes look longer and thicker. Sometimes, these products can cause us long-term damage, so there are alternatives that are friendly to our body. For this reason, we tell you the 5 secrets to have long and defined eyelashes in a completely natural way.

Before and after eyelashes with proper treatment. Photo: Pinterest.

5 secrets for long and defined eyelashes

Correctly curly or frizzy

The technique with which you curl your lashes is very important. The correct way is to do it with your eyes without makeup and with a professional tool or curler.without a card or with your nails, since you can damage them in their composition.

moisturizing treatment

Just like with hair. eyelashes require treatments that nourish them and keep them strong, healthy and long. For this, there are alternatives that you can apply in the morning before putting on makeup, at night before going to sleep or both (according to your preference). Look for a product that helps you reconstruction of natural eyelash fibers.

comb your eyelashes

Brushing your lashes is a great way to make them appear longer and promote growth.. Beauty experts recommend it before applying mascara. To do so, you just need a special brush or use the applicator of a mascara that you have finished.


Antioxidants are key to stopping the premature aging of cells in the body, including hair and eyelashes. So its consumption is key to keeping them healthy and defined. A good source of antioxidants is green tea. Spread a little of this cold drink along the lash line, this will promote their growth and help keep them strong. One to two times a week is recommended.

Take your makeup off every night

Although it may seem like a cumbersome process, daily makeup removal is key to keeping not only the eyelashes completely healthy, but also our entire skin. To do this, make sure to remove the mascara completely before going to sleep, but without rubbing your eyelashes, because it can cause them to break.

Eyelash curlers. Photo: Pinterest.

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