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The moment was experienced when Yerry Mina charged the third penalty for the Colombians, which Martínez managed to cover. After saving the penalty from the player born in Guachené, the goalkeeper made a controversial gesture of celebration.

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It could be heard at that time that Martínez told the Colombian: “Are you nervous, huh? You’re nervous. Look how I eat you…”.

Well, in the last few hours, Dibu Martínez explained the reasons for his “anger” with Mina. And, to the surprise of many, the controversy had begun weeks before the game in question.

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The two players were involved in a controversy.

Then, unexpectedly, he pauses and picks up another topic. But what he is referring to is a clash he had with the defender in June 2021 during the 2-2 draw between Colombia and Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers. Then comes his confession:

“(In the Copa América) In the previous game against Uruguay, Mina scored a goal against Fernando Muslera and started dancing. I know Muslera and I didn’t like what Mina did. So once I saved the penalty all those memories came back and well… you know the celebration“Martínez commented with laughter and to the applause of his people.

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