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Besides the pandemic, was there another reason for the event not to take place?How much does it cost, approximately, to mount an event of this magnitude?What are the novelties of Comic Con Bogotá 2022?

The whole set-up costs a million dollars, but we have great allies who support us… They help us get people to find a lot of world-class experiences.

Any special events fans can look forward to with guests?

Actor Christopher Lloyd has played Dr. Emmett Brown in ‘Back to the Future’.


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Will fans have close interaction with the actors?The guests will be in Bogotá for several days, will they have another agenda outside of Comic Con?What else will visitors to Comic Con find this year?

The voice actor Alfonso Obregón is coming, who does the voices of Shrek, Marty, the zebra from the movie ‘Madagascar’ and Kakashi, from the series ‘Naruto’.

Do you remember iconic objects from the cinema that they have brought?What are the streaming platforms and social networks preparing?

Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels, English actor, known for his role as the android C-3PO in ‘Star Wars’.


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One of the most striking aspects of the event are the ‘cosplay’…Comic Con is also an academic event…Of the conferences, which ones do you recommend?

Alexander Knight

Alejandro Caballero is in charge of Comic Con Bogotá, 2022 edition.


COURTESY: Planet Comics

What is the process to bring in an international actor?Who was the first important actor who was at the Bogota Comic Con?Of the ‘top’ actors, which ones would you like to bring?

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