“Chocolate dear, you are in heaven”: Juan David Rodríguez paid an emotional tribute to his late father

Juan David Rodríguez, the remembered participant of Red, fame against fame“, was presented in the new chapter of “The Challenger“, managing to move the public, Diana Bolocco and the members of the jury, made up of Myriam Hernández, Álvaro Rudolphy and Marcelo Polini.

And it is that the singer, who also participated in “The Voice Mexico”, paid an emotional tribute to his deceased father, the tropical musician Juan “Chocolate” Rodriguez, who departed in 2012.

So on stage Juan David Rodríguez performed “El cantante” by Héctor Lavoe, changing some verses of the work to remember his father.

“In this stanza I want to pay homage to the man who was my father, singer of singers. Chocolate dear, you are in heaven, singing to the God of all kingdoms. And as long as I live my heart beats and until I die, the great Chocolate will live”, intoned the former “Rojo”, while several postcards of the deceased interpreter were projected.

After the exciting presentation, the artist impressed the members of the jury and that is why he was selected to compete for the throne with Agustín “Pastelito” Maluenda. However, he failed to defeat him.

revive here the presentation of Juan David Rodríguez in “El retador” and the emotional tribute he paid to his father

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