Carlos Fuentes: this is how he is remembered in Mexico 10 years after his departure – Music and Books – Culture

In a tribute organized by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Alfaguara label, editors, writers, academics, publishers and Silvia Lemus, the author’s widow, relived anecdotes about Fuentes and repeated the idea that 10 years after his death , is alive in his books and in the memory of his friends.

The writer Rosa Beltrán, director of cultural dissemination at UNAM, recognized that Fuentes was a reference for her generation, that of those born in the 1960s, because she had the generosity to bring authors such as Susan Sontag, Italo Calvino and JM Coetze to Mexico. , among others.

For his part, the writer Martín Solares recommended not reading Fuentes on request, but with joy and gave an analysis of Fuentes’ work from the point of view of musical interpretation.

The doctor of letters Tomás Martínez recognized the novelistic work of the author of La muerte de Artemio Cruz, but highlighted the clarity of his essays, and assured that as an essayist he is “an impressive, portentous voice.”

“He was spying on me. Sometimes she was doing my makeup and I felt something. She also spied on me when I watered the plants in our London flat. He liked to see me when I didn’t know he was around, “confessed the journalist, one of the main promoters of the author’s work after his death.

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