Can Lukic serve Roma?

The world of transfer market it is becoming more and more footballer-oriented. What does it mean? That the more time passes, the more the player assumes importance in agreements for the transition from one team to another. In some ways a similar trend is legitimate, given that it is still his career, but the problem is that the player faber fortunae suae he often ends up putting the club he is under contract for in difficulty.

In A league the most striking example concerns Sasa Lukicwho is trying to leave the Turin since last summer. It was the end of July and the grenades were meeting for the summer meeting, but the Serbian called the coach Ivan Yuric and the manager David Vagnati informing them that he would not show up. The reason? Apparently a divergent vision between a club that – according to him – does not have a defined sporting project and a footballer eager to make a leap in quality.

Toro would never have deprived themselves of their captain and pivot in the midfield, so the only solution that Lukic saw to achieve his goal was to force his sale, which however did not arrive anyway.

Sasa Lukic

In the end, the championship has begun, the bazaars of the transfer market have closed their doors and the Serbian has remained in Turin with his suitcases in hand. Instead of unpacking them with the same resignation of someone who had to give up his dream vacation, the class of ’96 preferred to leave them on the doorstep of his house and then pick them up again at the first opportunity.

The rift between player and club has become too deep to be healed, so the most diplomatic path was chosen, the one that makes no one unhappy: Lukic he lost his captain’s armband which he had just inherited from Belotti, but not his place in the grenade midfield. 2 goals also arrived in the first 15 games; yet, no step back: he is still eager to leave Turin.

The latest news speak of an interest from the Rome, who had already asked for information in July and then gave up. Although the opening of the winter transfer market is still a bit away, the Giallorossi have already closed for Solbakken and are now looking for a reinforcement for the median.

Taurus asks 15 million eurosa high figure for a player at odds with the club, but the Capitoline club is ready to put in some counterpart to lower it. We could open a separate discussion about the possibility of sacrificing young people like Ox And Tahirovic to arrive at players who are already beautiful and ready, but now we are interested in understanding how Lukic would fit into the Giallorossi’s midfield.

Edward Bove

It was not a lucky first part of the season for José Mourinho’s team, who even before the start of the championship had to give up Gini Wijnaldum. The Dutch and Nemanja Matic they were the substitutes for the outgoing Veretout and Mkhitaryan, so with his injury the former Liverpool player has messed up the plans of the Special One a lot who found himself forced to field two incompatible players in pairs – he said it himself – like Matic and Cristante.

The possible purchase of Lukic would give Mourinho that box-to-box midfielder that Roma has lacked so much so far. Despite the good performance, Mady Camara he has not fully convinced and the Serbian would sail calmly towards the ownership of the Roma median.

However, the problem would arise in February, when Wijnaldum will be available again. The fans can’t wait to see him at work (it only happened for a few minutes in the pre-season friendly against Shakhtar Donetsk) and Gini for his coat of arms, experience and quality he would be a permanent player from the Giallorossi eleven.

So is it worth spending 15 million euros (or less but giving up a talent from Primavera) to hire a player who could end up on the bench after a couple of months? The numerical emergency in midfield is so serious that I have to put this on so expensive patch?

Of course, it must be considered that Roma play three competitions and that a deep squad is needed to honor them. It is also true that a player who has been out for 5 months cannot be expected to be able to take the field 3 times a week until the end of the season. However, the Giallorossi would do better to valorise young people who are already in the squad. Mourinho has done it well so far, why should he stop?

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