Brazilian team starts training at Paulistano for the qualifiers

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The Brazilian men’s basketball team began its preparation for the first phase of the World Cup Qualifiers. The team faces Uruguay and Colombia and has its first match away from home on June 30th, in Montevideo, and on July 3rd against Colombia, in Barranquilla.

+ Duda Sampaio celebrates the call-up to the National Team

The work of the Brazilian National Team continues at the club until the 28th, when the team travels to Uruguay. Gustavo De Conti’s list is based on athletes who have already been called up in recent windows, such as Georginho, Lucas Dias, Bruno Caboclo, Gabriel Jaú, Gui Deodato, Rafa Mineiro, Elinho and Lucas Mariano.

The point guard Marcelinho Huertas is back, after a great season at Tenerife, and Rafa Luz, from Bilbao. The list also includes the arrival of young Rafael Munford, from Pinheiros; Renan Lenz, from Minas; Wesley Castro, from Mogi; and Danilo Fuzaro, from Bauru.

“These two away games are fundamental to our campaign in the Qualifiers. We are already qualified for the second phase. We respect Uruguay and Colombia, but we want to go home with two wins”, explained coach Gustavo De Conti.


Rafa Luz
Marcelo Huertas

Guard Wings
Gui Deodato

Danilo Fuzaro
Rafael Munford

Gabriel Jaú
Rafael Mineiro
Lucas Dias
Bruno Caboclo
Renan Lenz

Lucas Mariano
Wesley Castro

World Cup qualifiers

Due to the format of the Qualifiers, the 16 teams from the Americas were separated in the first phase into four groups with four teams, forming Groups A, B, C and D, with home and away games within the groups, totaling six matches. The top three from each group advance to the second phase, when Groups E and F will be formed, with six teams in each.

Leader of Group B, Brazil reaches the last round of the qualifying window, as does Uruguay. Chile and Colombia fight for the last place. The grouping of the second phase of the Qualifiers is also already defined, with the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico guaranteed.


In this second moment, all the teams carry the results of the first phase, and they only play against the teams that they have not faced yet. Thus, we will have home and return games between Brazil x Mexico, United States and Puerto Rico. After the end of the duels, the top three + the best fourth place between Groups E and F qualify for the 2023 World Cup, adding seven places for the Americas in the competition.

World Cup 2023

The World Cup takes place between August 25 and September 10, 2023, with Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia sharing the right to host the competition. The competition will have 32 teams, with eight groups of four teams in the first phase. The two best teams in each group advance to the next stage of the World Cup, when they form a new group of four teams against rivals from another group. The two best will go to the knockout stage from the quarter-finals.


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