Brazil starts with victory and defeat in the 3×3 Women’s World Cup

Brazilian players celebrate victory in the first game of the World Cup (Photo: Disclosure / FIBA)

As in the male contest, Brazil debuted with a win and a loss in the women’s 3×3 basketball World Cup tournament, held in Antwerp, Belgium. This Wednesday (22), the team beat Austria 16-14 in extra time, and lost to France, 22-11, even before the end of time, and remains in the fight for a place in the round of 16. .

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The first game of the Brazilian quartet, formed by Gabi, Vitória Marcelino, Luana and Vanessa, was against Austria, in an electrifying duel. Despite the better ranking of the opponents (Austria is 11th, while Brazil is 24th), the Brazilian team stayed ahead of the scoreboard most of the time and remained so in the final stretch.

Brazil were 14-13 when they committed a foul with 2.4s remaining, which gave Austria the right to take two free throws. With just one conversion, the game was tied and went to overtime. There, Gabi made two quick baskets and gave the victory to the green-yellow team, 16 to 14.

Gabi Brasil 3x3 Basketball World Cup
Gabi was the big name of the first match (Photo: Disclosure / FIBA)

In the second game of the day, played just over an hour later, Brazil was totally dominated by France, which is vice leader of the world ranking. The Brazilian team even exchanged points at the beginning, but the European team fired from the fourth point. The Brazilian team still committed many fouls and had already burst the limit with just three minutes of duel. In the end, France won 22-11.

group status

With the results, Brazil appears in third place in group B in this 3×3 basketball World Cup. Each group is made up of five teams, in which the top three teams advance to the knockout stage. Thus, the selection continues in the fight for a place in the next phase. His last two commitments will take place on Friday (24), against the United States and New Zealand.


The Brazilian men’s team also won a game and lost another in this World Cup and is in the same situation as the women’s. The team will return to the court this Thursday (23), seeking to qualify for the knockout stage.


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